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Wooden bathtubs


Froelunds Cooperage, is the last surviving cooperage workshop in Denmark where all types of tubs, barrels and casks are still manufactured.

The cooperage, which is some 55 years old, enjoys carrying out a number of exciting tasks for private persons, gardeners, castles and mansion gardens, garden nurseries, and wine companies, not forgetting the famous Tivoli gardens where tubs and casks are still used for the flower arrangements.

Supplier to The Royal Danish Castle gardens.




All wooden bathtubs are made exactly to your specifications. Easy to install no need to call the plummer


There is always a place in our gardens, houses or apartments, for wooden tubs, casks and flower-pots in which to display our flowers or indoor plants. Especially wooden bathtubs which are becoming evermore popular as the multitude of different woods allows you to order a tub, cask, flower- pot, etc. in the size and shape you would like, and to have it crafted in your favourite type of wood, one of our most succesfull is "Froelunds Design".



A wooden tub brings atmosphere into your home. the kids love it. The wood will keep the water warm.

You can also decide if you want the encircling, sealing bands to be made from brass, steel, or galvanized iron.in addition to round, oval, and square shaped tubs, our products include barrels and casks, bathtubs, wash-basins, cupboard doors, draining-boards, buckets, mirror surrounds, and toilet seats with lids - All fashioned in the wood of your choice !


Wooden casks for plants and water

Wooden casks for plants and water

Wooden teak tub

Wooden bath made from teak

Design your own bathtub in wood

Wooden tubs will keep the water warm. Design your own bathtub in wood